Friday, 14 August 2015

Michael Jackson - Rock With You (DJ Moch's 12" Disco Remix)

Welcome again to my new Remix blog, in which I plan to share my various remixes and re-edits that I have created since taking up the hobby in 2000. 

This is my first showcase, a 12" disco remix of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You", from his amazing "Off The Wall" album from 1979. The song itself is a masterpiece, but it always annoyed me that it, as well as pretty much every disco-styled track from the album, never had a 12" extended version released at the time. This particular remix is also one of the first I have made solely from the original multi-track stems. A true disco remix but staying faithful to the original source material.

So, here is my chance to rectify the situation of not having an extended disco mix. Here's my 12" Disco Remix of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You". Enjoy!


1 comment:

  1. I like this and can't believe that you got hold of the stems. Worthy of Mike Maurro without a doubt - toto